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About Us

BoxBox Freight was founded with the notion of creating a working place where people from different backgrounds feel respected, appreciated, and where their unique talents are put to the test every day. Our inspiration comes from the racing sports and their pit stop strategies, hence our company name, where drivers will receive an instruction over the radio, at some point during the race, to "box box." This means that they need to pit. Used as a noun, it refers to the drivers’ servicing area in the pit lane where quick maintenance, change of tires, mechanical repairs or adjustments, and many other actions are necessary during the race to help drivers win.


We want to help small and medium-sized businesses "win" by allowing us to be their companies' pit lane team. When we are entrusted to handle a shipment, small or large, our partners feel confident that our technical expertise in customs brokerage, warehousing, and trucking services, along with our vast network of agents nationwide, will assist them in delivering their freight efficiently through the proper modes of transportation to their final destination.

Talk to us today and let's move your products to the finish line!

BoxBox Freight Mission


To decipher global logistics for our partners and help them achieve business growth. 


To be part of a global supply chain that delivers products that help international communities achieve their social prosperity.
BoxBox Freight Vision


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