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Is the BoxBox team experienced enough to handle my business?

The management team of BoxBox has more than 35 years of combined experience in the logistics industry. This vast experience includes domestic haulage, warehousing, international shipping, customs clearance, and freight forwarding. This company was created with the mission of deciphering global logistics for small and medium-sized businesses and creating economic wellness among our partners by taking them to higher grounds. Furthermore, BoxBox Freight is a licensed and bonded domestic freight forwarder and property broker.


Is cargo insurance recommended for my shipments?

Yes! Because there is always the possibility that cargo will be damaged during the transportation process. On top of that, carriers are well protected under their limits of liability and will only cover losses in certain scenarios. The bottom line is that cargo insurance is necessary to protect your cargo against inevitable losses that could occur at any time during the transportation of your goods. Therefore, the BoxBox team will help you ensure your shipment is transported with the proper coverage based on the terms of sales or incoterms, and give you that peace of mind that comes from knowing your investment is fully protected.


What are the Incoterms and why are they important for international shipping?

Incoterms stands for international commerce terms that help define the terms of sale and the responsibility of the seller and buyer. It sets the rules regarding what party needs to pay and manage the shipment, insurance, documentations at origin and destination, customs clearance, and other logistics activities. Among the most popular ones are ExWorks, FOB, CIF, DDP. Next time you have a new international shipment make sure to know your incoterms options.


What shipping marks do my cartons need to have for international shipping?

The identification marks provide important information for those who handle your shipment. 1) Handling marks are visual symbols that provide handling instructions for the warehousemen that unload, palletize, and load your cartons. They include symbols for handle with care, this way up, fragile, and keep dry. 2) Consignee marks include your company name, business logo, product name, SKU, or FNSKU. 3) Carton number and size marks to help ensure all cartons arrive together at the port and warehouse. They must have the total number of cartons as carton no. __ of __, and dimensions of the cartons __ x __ x __ cm. 4) Weight marks to accurately record the weight per box on the shipping documents and warehouse receipts. Each carton must show the net weight and gross weight. 5) Country of Origin mark showing Made in ____ on each box to avoid possible customs delays.


How to ship my products to BoxBox warehouse?

Once you become a client and are ready to send your first shipment, send us the receiving and shipping instructions you received during the onboarding process. As soon as your products have arrived at our warehouse, we will send you a receiving confirmation with the number of cartons and/or pallets received. At this moment, our warehouse team will be ready to process and prepare your orders to be shipped to amazon fulfillment centers or directly to your customers. Our typical turnaround time takes 24-48 hours. Larger shipments may take longer. 

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