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Air & Ocean Handling

BoxBox will pickup your urgent air shipments from LAX or containers from the Long Beach port. Our warehouse in Rancho Dominguez is only 30 mins away.


We will pack orders according to your SPD or LTL instructions. For SPD, we work with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS. For LTL orders, we'll provide the # of pallets, dims, and weight so you can schedule the pickup with a carrier.


We can receive loose boxes via UPS, FedEx, DHL, or pallets through LTL carriers. We can also unload containers, inspect freight, sort and palletize boxes. 


Once the inner (FNSKU) and outer labeling is completed, we can ship your SPD order the same using our UPS daily pickup service. For LTL orders, we will require a pickup date and BOL by Amazon. 


Once we receive your shipping instructions, we'll prepare your FBA and/or FBM orders. Our usual turnaround time is less than 24 hrs. Larger orders can take more time.


When you have large orders that have more than 10 pallets, BoxBox can offer its FTL service to any Amazon fulfillment center in the country. Contact us for a quote.


Questions? Get in touch to learn more.

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